World of Dance U-Jam Dance Fitness® House Party

Time to dance like nobody's style!!! World of Dance U-Jam Fitness® Instructors unite to bring you an Exhilarating Dance Fitness Party!

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World of Dance U-Jam Fitness® Live Training

Have you ever thought about changing lives through dance fitness? Here's your opportunity to join an Amazing Team of instructors with that same aspiration. Attend a Live Training and learn how to be an inspirational leader.

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World of Dance U-Jam Fitness® Instructor PhunkJAM

A PhunkJAM is for current instructors to come together to work on enhancing their skills. We work hard and play hard as we go over things like effective cueing, motivational strategies, proper technique, dance style, etc.

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Welcome to my page!

Being healthy is so important but sometimes it's challenging to stick with your fitness goals. U-Jam Fitness was a game changer for me! I grew up playing team sports and found it boring to work out alone. I would force myself to do it and found that I was getting injuries from the repetitive movements that I was doing on my cardio equipment. It's hard to workout when you're injured. I began going to group fitness classes and really enjoyed them. But being a bit reserved, it took me a while to start socializing with others in the room. Then I was introduced to U-Jam Fitness and it was Love at first beat. 🙂 No really, the music was incredible! I also felt more energy in the room as people interacted with each other. It truly felt like a Dance Party! I didn't know that it could get any better until I became a U-Jam Fitness Instructor. I have learned so much and have been blessed to have the opportunity to help others along their fitness journey.

I grew up in the Sunshine State (Florida) along the Gulf Coast where they have some of the best beaches around. Not only did I play beach volleyball, but I played indoor volleyball, basketball, and lots of softball. Being on teams was so rewarding and helped shape my mindset of being a team player.

Health and Biology were always so interesting to me. I obtained a B.S. in Biology & a M.S. in Health Promotion. I taught science courses for 18 years, and currently work in the healthcare setting as an educator, compliance officer, and operations support manager. After work I head to the gym and lead group fitness classes. I'm ACE, AFAA & CPR certified and I teach World of Dance U-Jam Fitness®, Tight End Barre, & Bootybarre. I absolutely love my gym family!!!

I was honored to be asked to join the U-Jam Fitness Educational Team as the Lead Coach in 2017. I got to learn so much more about the company and was able to help other Coaches when they needed assistance. Now I'm an Elite Trainer for World of Dance U-Jam Fitness®. I get to certify new instructors and work with them on enhancing their skills. Seeing them improve and share their talents and love for dance fitness with others is so rewarding!


U-JAM - Mandy

Next Steps...

I would love to chat with you about setting up an event, how to grow as an instructor, or answer any questions that you may have. Hope to hear from you soon!