This Is U-Jam!

Instructor Coaching

Hey Instructors! Is there an area that you would like to work on like effective cueing or using more clear movements? Do you have an upcoming audition & would like a little practice and constructive feedback before the Big Day? I would LOVE to help out!

World of Dance U-Jam Fitness® House Party

Lights, Stage, Action! Branch out of the Group X room and experience World of Dance U-Jam Fitness® in true club style. A House Party is where the students are the stars of the show. Come learn our easy-to-follow, urban choreography in an environment full of support and acceptance, like you have never experienced before. This isn’t just a fitness class; this is an event!

World of Dance U-Jam Fitness® Live Training

World of Dance U-Jam Fitness® is an addictive cardio workout that fuses the hottest world beats with fun choreography that will make you move, sweat and smile. By taking the 8-hour instructor training, you will learn the fundamentals required to become an effective and engaging U-Jam Fitness® Instructor. You will experience a full U-Jam Fitness® class and learn the choreography and skills necessary to properly cue and lead a class. At the end of the day, you will be a member of the World of Dance U-Jam Fitness® team, which is known for creating student-minded instructors who can build unity through dance fitness.

World of Dance U-Jam Fitness® PhunkJam

It’s time to learn some new funky, adrenaline-based urban beats from around the world, U-Jam Instructors! Join us for a 3-hour PhunkJam, where a member of the World of Dance U-Jam Fitness® Education Team will teach you the latest, easy-to-follow choreography, offer technique corrections, and help you perfect your class connection and engagement skills. This is the workshop for current U-Jam Fitness® Instructors that will take you from good to great!